Experts in Steel Construction in California and Nevada

Holder of Four US Structural Steel Patents.


U.S. Patent No. 6,634,153

JD2 has been developing this patented lateral steel frame system since the mid-nineties and have completed more than 120 projects throughout the Western US. It provides all the benefits of a “moment frame” design without any moment connections… less cost… less time… better performance…we call it “The Sensible Solution

Deck Dragin

U.S. Patent No. 8,342,545

JD2 Engineers developed and patented this motorized metal deck laying machine which reduces the time to spread decking by 50% to 70%. The Deck Dragin’ not only saves time but is dramatically safer for the ironworkers in that they are never exposed to a leading edge. It also keeps the workers production rate at a high level since the Ironworker never has to lift and drag heavy sheets.

Auto Parkit

U.S. Patent No.

JD2 Engineers developed an assembly and installation system of structural steel modules to construct fully automated multi-level parking structures. These modules are constructed off-site and secured together at the building site to pull together stable, strong, as well as lighter and less expensive multi-story parking structures.

Vibration Mitigation

U.S. Patent No.

JD2 has developed an effective solution for reinforcing open web joist structure of older steel framework buildings to mitigate floor vibration. The Vibration Mitigation System, is a low cost, time sensitive solution that can transform undesirable excessive floor vibration, particularly when buildings are to be used for specialized purposes such as laboratories or medical facilities.